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 In Boarding Agent Group, we train our agents so that they can read and prepare documentation

These are some of the documents in which we take care of the control, preparation and reading:

• Time relationship
• Required services
• Quality questionnaire of the manager on board
• Empty tanks
• Ullages (arrival/departure)
• Package control
• Charge manifest
• Mate receipt
• Interns
• Store list
• crew list
• Notice of Readiness
• Letters and notes of protest
• Reading of customs documentation
• Bill loading

It is controlled and scanned, adding all documentation made in the operation, constant information on board the ship from its EOSP until its departure.

Control and sending of information of:
• Bunkers (arrival/departure)
• Draft(arrival/departure)
• Update every 3 hours or as required by our client
• Check list
• Cooperation between both the captain and the terminal when carrying out bunkers, fresh water supply, unloading of barges, loading of provisions, services of pilots, tugboats and moorers.
• Details of watchmen, inspectors, Loss control, customs assistance, prefecture, migrations, health, photographers, medical services
• Assistance to the Loadingmasters throughout the operation
• Among other required needs



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