Backed by more than 30 years of constant work as Loss control by the Managing Partner, mentor of the company, both in the ports of Argentina and in South America (Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, among others). From there the Boarding Agent was born, providing body, protection, assistance and constant information both to those who choose us and to the command of the ship and operational terminals (Shell, YPF, Petrobras, Ancap, Enap, among others). The Boarding Agent occupies a very important place on board, since it was trained both in the language and operational dialect and in knowledge in loading and unloading of oil tankers / derivatives / chemicals / dry loads / among others, whose operations can be carried out in docks / areas of alijes / top off and / or monobuoys.

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1, My Address, My Street, Diagonal 74 N° 1591 1° A cp 1900 City, LA PLATA, BS. AS. Uruguay Junacal N° 1437 oficina 206, City, Montevideo
+54 9 2216387025
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